Release Hook

The release hook FNR 5 meets the latest SOLAS requirements for off-load release hooks as laid down in MSC.81(70) and applicable LSA code and to be used with rescue boats. The release hook is dimensioned to suspend rescue boats with a davit load not exceeding 3.500 kg

Hydrostatic Release

        Sanho Hydrostatic Release for Liferafts    Module B:  Korean Register of Shipping Sanho Hydrostatic Release for Liferafts    EC Quality System Approval, Module D :  Korean Register of Shipping 

First Aid Kit

Pilot LadderAs you know, Embarkation Ladder, Pilot Ladder and module B and module D are required to be certified. (ref. Directive MED equipmet list.
Lamplighter Marine pilot in Turkey and one certified manufacturer of cross grappling. Module D products certified, "steering mark
(WEELMARK) is required.